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The College has constituted a dedicated team of Research Advisory committee and it is very active in guiding both faculty and students to pursue quality research
The Research and Development committee consists of a well experienced, academic and industry members to guide and co-ordinate the research related issues of each department.
Dr. V. Gunaraj, Principal, RVSCET - Convener
Dr. Tamilselvan, Vice President, R&D, LG - Industry Expert
Dr. Gunavathi, Professor, Dept of ECE, PSG College of Technology - Academic Expert
Dr. L.S. Jayashree, Professor & Dean, Dept of CSE - R & DCo-coordinator
Dr. P. Rajendren, Professor & Dean, Dept of Mech - Member
Dr. Rangarajan, Professor & Dean, Dept of ECE - Member
Dr. C. Krishnamoorthy, Professor, Dept of Mathematics - Member
Dr. R. Sivakumar, Associate Professor, Dept of PCE - Member
Dr. K. Karuppaswamy, Professor, Dept of IT - Internal Member

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