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The well-equipped modernized laboratories are available for students. Each laboratory can accommodate 25 students comfortably. In addition, there is a Software utilizing computer laboratory with a capacity of 20 systems. The laboratories of instrumentation department, there are 4 labs such as process control , digital system design , industrial instrumentation , transducer lab ,besides possessing the basic essential equipment’s, feature an array of sophisticated advanced gadgets. In short the laboratories provide an ideal exposure for gaining practical knowledge in instrumentation.
Available Equipments and facilities
MATLAB and LABVIEW package
DCS, SCADA, Strain gauge and load cell
RTD, LDR, various bridges CRO,
Microcontroller and microprocessor kits
Scientific Function generator
Level, Temperature, Flow, Pressure process stations
Ph, conductivity, viscometer, spectrophotometer, Orifice, Venturi meter

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