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Faculty Development Cell:
RVS College of Engineering & Technology strongly believes that faculty members are the backbone of the institution. The Faculty Development Cell regularly conducts faculty empowerment programs. The immediate beneficiary of these programmes is the student community. Every time a faculty comes out of a training programme, the student community feels the difference in teaching skills, depth of knowledge and teaching pedagogy used by the faculty in the class room. The RVS Faculty Development Cell (FDC) aims at equipping the staff with knowledge that is essential for inculcating technical and professional skills which is vital to the development and improvement of the institution.
The Cell has the following Objectives.
To strengthen the professional competence of the faculty by arranging training programmes in different topics based on the demands.
To arrange FDP courses on various topics on necessity
Members of the staff are encouraged to refer reputed National and International Journals to carry out their research work.
To enhance induction programmes for new faculty and leadership grooming for experienced faculty
To encourage staff to be members of various professional bodies and sign up MOU with the same.
To enable staff members to get funded R & D projects
To help staff to learn how to write project proposals for R & D projects

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