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Free and Open Source Society at RVSCET was inaugurated by Mr. Prashant R. Nair, Vice Chairperson at department of Information Technology, School of Engineering, Amrita University, Coimbatore on 19.9.2015 at RVS College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore. He discussed about the Development and Deployment of various FOSS Tools, Technologies, Products, Architectures and Solutions in various application domains.
The main objective of the club is to adopt and promote the Free and Open Source Software. The FOSS Club aims to create awareness on FOSS and to promote its usage among the student community, professionals, and the public. The club conducts technical programmes such as Expo, workshops, Project Competition, technical talks, seminars, free software demo. These technical programmes are based on Free and Open Source Softwares alone. FOSS Club encourages students to participate in various technical and professional activities using free open source tools and helps them to become a perfect corporate personality. It is a unique platform for students and technologists to share their technical and professional knowledge on free open source tools for the benefit of the society.
Chief Mentor:
Staff Mentors:
Prof. Balamurugan D
Prof. Govindaraj M
Prof. Jaya S.S
Velumani P, Programmer
Student FOSS Club coordinators
Jaganath Pillai
Justin Job P
Jerin Paulose
Anjali Vijayakumar
Haripriya S
Krishna Sagar P.M
Raghul S
Manoj Kumar P
Vaishali C
Madhavi K
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