Counselling Code : B.E, M.E - 2731

M.E Electrical Engineering

M.E Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Course Overview

The Department of Embedded System Technologies offers an excellent atmosphere for students to find out and acquire the mandatory skills demanded by the trade. The scholars have access to well equipped, progressive laboratories. The goal is to Design quality graduates in embedded system curricula and to supply opportunities for students to provide basic and advanced technologies.

Course Breakup

I Year

Students learn the basics of Real Time Systems and their applications, System design, Software for Embedded system, Embedded Networks, VLSI/VHDL languages, and Embedded based laboratory experiments.

II Year :

Focuses on enhancing their core knowledge through papers like MEMS technology, Computer Networks, and Project.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates enter the trade as extremely skilled: Software testers for PIC, ARM processor/Micro controller/ reduced instruction set computing processor/ Real time system/ PCB designing / Hardware controller.


Students will concentrate on any space of their interest through the Master degree and analysis Programs.


Our graduates enter the trade as highly-skilled Programmers, software package Testers and Technical supporter.