Counselling Code : B.E, M.E - 2731

M.E Thermal Engineering

M.E Thermal Engineering

Duration :
2 years, Four semesters with Main projects in 3rd and 4th semester.
Intake :
Only single intake in a year. (18 candidates per intake)

Entry Requirements :

Candidates who have completed their undergraduate program in the respective discipline like Mechanical, Production, Automobile, Aeronautical, Aerospace, Mechatronics, Marine, Industrial, Manufacturing (or) their equivalent engineering degree and TANCET (or) GATE qualified students.

Course Overview

Thermal engineering is a broad field of engineering that encompasses technologies dealing with heating and cooling systems, transfer of heat, and fluid mechanics. Instruments that control temperature are essential in many areas, including the electric power industry; the automobile industry; and the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. The principles of thermal engineering are also crucial to the operation of vehicles and other machines.

The heating and cooling of liquids is important in many industrial settings, and constitutes another branch of thermal engineering. An engineer in this field must also understand fluid dynamics. Coolant, a cooling substance, is used to reduce the temperature of processes and prevent overheating. Boiling is another method used to create vapor which may be condensed in refining a chemical product. The study of these processes helps thermal engineers determine the optimal regulation of temperature in each case.

Course Breakup

Semester - I

The students are made to learn the various advanced field through theory and practicals like:

Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Fuels and Combustion and Computation Methods and Thermal Engineering Laboratory

Semester II

The second semester focuses on the design and instrumentation field through theories like:

Design of Thermal Systems, Instrumentation for Thermal Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control.

Also students are motivated to take their own electives with related the thermal engineering field like : Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fans, Blowers and Compressors, Food Processing, Preservation and Transport, Nuclear Engineering, Industrial Refrigeration Systems, Refrigeration Systems Design, Energy Management in Thermal Systems.

Semester III

In third semester there are 3 electives which are selected by students related to the thermal engineering field like:

Design and Analysis of Turbo machines, Boundary Layer Theory and Turbulence, Advanced Power Plant Engineering, Steam Generator Technology, Fluidized Bed Systems, Advanced Thermal Storage Technologies, Cogeneration and Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Semester IV

Students are motivated to gear up their knowledge through fabrication and analysis projects which are related to recent trends in thermal engineering field.

Career Opportunities

Job Prospect

There are a lot of career opportunities in this field. Engineers from this field are employed mostly in production firms or they can also opt for managerial and executive positions in public and private sectors. Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges. This field has lot of opportunities for those who want to pursue a career as a researcher. Thermal engineering is one of the highly remunerative and challenging fields.

Thermal engineers can get job opportunities in both private and public sectors of various types and their work differs by industry and function. Defense and railways require thermal engineers to assist in maintenance and design of their machinery. Thermal engineers also maintain centers for electric motors, pump sets, oil engines and other manufacturing equipments. The salary for thermal engineers differs on the factors such as qualification, experience and job profile.

Career pathways

Our graduates can enter the various traditional fields like:

  • Petroleum engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Energy engineer
  • Power plant Engineer
  • Refrigeration Engineer
  • Safety Engineer
  • Trainee Planner
  • Graduate Trainee
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Independent Consultants
Academic Pathways

Our graduates got opportunities in academic procession as a assistant professor in various colleges in all over India. Also they can start their research in the areas related to thermal field in various institutions in various countries.