Counselling Code : B.E, M.E - 2731

Petrochemical Engineering

About - Department

From developing a new energy sources to synthesizing revolutionary new materials, from large scale refineries to artificial organs for the human body. The possibilities boggle the mind. But that is the scope of Petrochemical engineering. With the current emphasis on computersupported problem solving and modern laboratory technology, the field becomes all the more exciting.

The B.E in Petrochemical Engineering is a focused program designed to understand and solve many industries such as refinery, on/off shore plant and petrochemical industrial related chemical problems. The curriculum has been so designed that it gives a balanced version of theoretical knowledge in various core and electives of this field in addition to courses in humanities, basic science and also practical knowledge.

The department also lays emphasis on entrepreneurship. A prospective student who undergoes this program should be able to pursue Master degrees program in a variety of fields such as bio-chemical engineering, Biotechnology, food technology, fertilizers, petro and petrochemicals. The department is gifted with highly qualified faculty having experience in research and in industry. The teaching-learning process is monitored by a department representative for quality assurance.

We strive to provide a hands-on training to students with our sophisticated laboratories. We conduct various technical development programs, workshops, motivational courses through Department Association, as well as faculty development programs in association with renowned institution in the State.

The Petrochemical Engineering graduates careers options are wide open in terms of selfemployment and employment in Petrochemical, Chemical, biotech and food industries as well as R&D laboratories. Post graduates are highly preferred by process design consultants.